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Top 50 Indian recipes | Non Veg Food

Top 50 Indian Recipes for Non vegetarians.

Here you will get some amazing Chicken Recipes, Mutton Recipes, Egg Recipes, Fish Recipes, Prawns Recipes, etc for Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast. These step by step photos make these recipes very easy indian recipes. You will see some great Indian Food with an easy instructions that you can’t get on other website or cook books.

Bread Omelette.

Butter Chicken.

Home made Butter Chicken Recipe in Hindi.
Butter Chicken Recipe in Hindi Photo.

Chicken 65.
Chicken Cutlet.

Cutlet refers to a thin slice of meat sliced from the legs of pork, veal or mutton. It is a dish loved in almost the entire world prepared in different forms according to a particular nation’s taste. In India, its veg version (aloo tikki) is most popular among the vegetarians than the usual non-veg version. Still, the latter is also much loved. In the given biryani recipe in Hindi, one can easily look out as to how Chicken Cutlet can be well mixed with the brilliant biryani to attract its lovers who would enjoy it with pleasure, savoring every mouthful. In the comments section below, you can take the help reading the experiences and tips shared by the people. If it’s not enough, the illustrations provided with the tips can help you easily to prepare the cutlets in a more proper way. You can also look for other remarks for a better knowledge regarding the preparation of Chicken Cutlet.
Chicken Manchurian.

One of the most delicious dishes from the Chinese cuisine is chicken Manchurian, known for its ultimate taste that would leave you flabbergasted and yearn for more. In the given Biryani recipe in Hindi, you can learn how the addition of chicken Manchurian would add flavor to the already brilliant dish. The taste of this amazing non-vegetarian dish has reached too many countries, especially in Asia, and when it comes to India, one can expect to add it with the desi flavor. In the comments section following the tips, you can read the experiences of various people and can decide for yourself the success rate of this recipe. With the steps, images are also provided with the easy language explanation for quick understanding for all the masses. You can also read other remarks and related tips that would help you in further understanding of the making of this wonderful dish.
Chicken Pakora.

Chicken Pakoras are the fried pieces of chicken that consists of inexplicable flavors of India. This dish involves frying the chicken in a tikka masala paste and then deep frying it. This biryani recipe in Hindi is served in many of the Indian restaurants as an appetizer. Apart from the restaurants, this dish is also prepared in many Indian homes. Chicken Pakora doesn’t need any complex ingredients as a few handful ingredients can be used to make it look crispy and amazing.
Chicken Tikka Masala.

One of the most famous and delicious dish of India and also of Britain is Chicken Tikki Masala. Britain had also claimed it to be British National Dish in 2001. Though the origin of this dish is disputed, it is widely accepted as the most favorite dish by all. With the perfect blend of Indian and British culture, this mouth-watering dish serves as the best delicacy for all. Through the given Biryani Hindi Recipe, you can easily prepare Chicken Tikki Masala without taking much time. Chicken Tikki Masala is said to have originated in an Indian restaurant in Britain, and many others claim that it emerged from the north of our country- Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. In almost all the restaurants of India and also abroad, especially in Britain, one can easily find this dish. In the comments section below in the biryani recipe, you can know, through various users, the recipe and also how much it is loved among all. The steps to prepare this dish are quite simple, making it easier to cook and serve within no time. Certain steps can also be followed to avoid any sort of negligence often performed by many.
Chili Chicken.
Coconut Kaju Prawns.

Home made Coconut Kaju Prawns Recipe in Hindi.
Coconut Kaju Prawns Recipe in Hindi Photo.

Kaju prawn is a popular dish among non-veg lovers. This dish is easy to prepare and the taste of it is incredible. The biryani recipe in Hindi is easily available and you can follow the step by step instructions as to make cooking easier.  With the right blend of chilies, cumin seeds and ginger garlic, it can serve as a delicious dish. These days there are so many biryani recipes in Hindi available on the internet that people get confused which one to choose between them. This is the type of dish you can serve to your guests if they arrive without an invitation. The total preparation time of this dish is approximately 20 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for proper cooking. You can also make sauce along with the dish to make it look more appealing. The sauce is also easy to make with a biryani recipe in Hindi followed after this.  You just have to mix a quarter of chicken stock, 2 tablespoons of light soya sauce, 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in 2 teaspoons of water.
Dum Ka Chicken.

All the non vegetarians are never simply skimming across the name of ‘Dum Ka Chicken’. Even if you are not a foodie, you have preferences and Dum Ka Chicken is acing your list! You should never be shattered by the fact that you are not the professional cook who can gain the best from the ingredients. We have the entire recipe in Hindi for you and more than the ingredients, what matters is how you proceed with them. Don’t you love it when you are served with Biryani? Just imagine the heavenly moment when you can serve yourself with the Biryani and Dum Ka Chicken altogether! Fulfil this dream because we have the Biryani recipe in Hindi too.
Egg Bhurji.

Home made Egg Bhurji Recipe in Hindi.
Egg Bhurji Recipe in Hindi Photo.

Egg bhurji is one of the most loved dishes in northern and western India and Pakistan. Usually eaten with roti or naan, egg bhurji is a dish which is not so heavy yet satisfies your hunger as well as stomach. In this biryani recipe in Hindi, we will tell you how the addition of egg bhurji will add taste to the ever-loved non-vegetarian dish. In the comments section, you can read the various experiences people shared after following the tips. The steps are absolutely easy and interesting to follow, with images to provide you an easy illustration and proper understanding of how to make this dish in the proper way. You can also look for other remarks to have a better understanding of the making of this wonderful dish.
Egg Biryani.
Egg Curry.

The egg has one of those distinct qualities to intermix with various ingredients in different Recipes to give rise to a wide variety of dishes. Many people arenot eating any kind of meat are comfortable with eggs and thus, there are many quick and delicious egg Recipes in Hindi here. Egg Curry is one of the most common egg Recipe as it is tasty and easy to make and the given egg Curry Hindi Recipe will take only about 25 minutes of your kitchen time. And it’s definitely worth it. It is loved by everyone and can be prepared from the left over eggs of the previousday. This Egg Curry Hindi recipe is widely in use in South India and is on the favorite list food items of both non vegetarians and egg-etarians alike.
Egg Ghotala.

Egg Ghotala is a regional dish of North India and it has 2 main protein ingredients which make this recipe filling. This biryani recipe can be a good breakfast as such or can be served in meals as a side dish with roti and rice. The cuisine style of this dish comes from a famous state, Punjab. It just takes 30 mins to get ready and can become your favorite snack of the day due to its high nutritional value. There are many cooking recipes in Hindi available on the website, but Egg Ghotala comes under the category of the healthiest breakfast of them all.
Egg Halwa.

We all love Halwa as our Indian dessert after every meal. Sweetness, softness and too much finger licking are all that it is characterised with. The Egg Halwa is another type of yummy Halwa which is too quick in serving you compared to other Halwa. It approximately takes 20 minutes to cook this dish. It is exactly like taste in no time! Sweet dishes are never obsolete for us. After themeal, before ameal, during the meal and between the meals; time is no bar for us. And there is nothing to even regret it. Sweetness is too good for us to not love it!

Not even harrowing for the vegetarians too, because it is just an egg. Aren’t we all ovo-lacto-vegetarians these days? We all are so particular about our diet that we avoid the sweet dishes to keep things healthy. But, need not worry about the diet issues for this course, because it is as healthy as it is tasty!
Egg Masala.

Egg Masala is one of the best non veg gravy that pairs up beautifully as a side dish with any of the ghee rice, kuska biryani, chapatti andworks even with simple veg pulao. The Masala mixes with other dishes andbrings an ecstatic and long lasting taste in your mouth. With theassistance of our Egg Masala Hindi Recipe, you can now create the best gravy to goperfectly with your lunch and dinner. Best non vegegg Masala gravy Recipes in Hindi can nowbe seen right here in easy to follow steps. Each step is accompanied with clear images to help you understand each step. The spicy nature of Egg Masala simply adds up with the taste leaving you mouth watering and eager for more. This Egg Masala Recipe is extremely famous in parts of South India and North India for its compatibility with almost any dish to add on its taste.
Egg Pulao.

The egg is something which can easily be mixed with almost any dish. The egg is said to be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and serves as the best alternative to those who don’t prefer meat at all. Egg Pulao serves as the best dish and can also be used as an alternative to biryani. With the help of biryani recipe in Hindi, one can easily understand how to cook this dish in some minutes’ time without any sort of complications. To make it easier, remarks and tips of the readers are given in the comments section and also the illustration along with the tips and recipe has been provided.
Egg Sandwich.
Egg Toast.

Toasts are serving us best since our childhood! Our school lunch, or a hasty leaving for home; toasts never give any sorrow. Egg Toast is the meal that gives you the immense pleasure within 5 minutes! If happiness had a shut down point, quickly cooked food can make it infinite. On days when you prefer cooking for a rather long time, Biryani is the best option for you. The Biryani recipe in Hindi is given here for you because Biryani is always worth the wait. The things you never enjoyed are the ones you never tried. Explore the unique tastes by mixing the ingredients in the way our cooking experts have prescribed. If it didn’t taste good for you the last time you tried it, you never had the right recipe in hand.
Fish Fry Masala.
Fish Masala.
Half Fry Egg Sandwich.


You do not need to love eggs to love the half fry egg sandwiches. There is no escape from them! You try it and you irresistibly love it. If we start enumerating the benefits of egg, we will be short of time. But to be succinct, it is the nutritious super food that is good for your eye, heart and taste buds. We can make so many meals out of the cheap, yet savoury eggs. Not only eggs but the Biryani recipe in Hindi is here to help you cook the best Biryani you have ever had. These include the Non vegetarian biryani recipes in Hindi like Mutton Biryani recipe in Hindi, Chicken Biryani recipe in Hindi and a lot more to leave you full of options.
Chicken Biryani.

Home Made Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Recipe in Hindi.
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani Recipe in Hindi Photo.

Kheer Recipe.
Mutton Biryani.
Kadai Chicken.

Haven’t you always wondered how the taste of the Kadai chicken at your favourite restaurant always leaves you broke! The non vegetarians are briskly lured by the name of this dish and definitely need to grasp its recipe. What Every time we are served with the dishes on the table and all our hands can grab is the Kadai chicken. While everything might seem insipid, but never can Kadai chicken betray you. It can be paired up with our all-time favourite biryani! But do not forget, we have the biryani recipe in Hindi too!We can have enough of rotis, but the biryani is our all time attraction. The biryani recipe in Hindi is quite simpler compared to the intricacies of flavours and tastes in it!

What’s the dilemma if you are a vegetarian? Don’t you love the Kadai Paneer! You will definitely adore the Kadai Chicken then. The best part about this dish is that it offers you a protein filled diet along with the divine taste. You do not need to gather all your utensils to cook the course because all you need is a ‘Kadai’. This pretty much justifies its name.
Kadai Mutton.
Mutton Keema.
Mutton Korma.

One of the most delicious and ecstatic dishes of North India, Mutton Korma is served best with rice or does as and also with naan or chapatti. The taste here depends upon the intermixing of all the spices, powders and dry fruits. Now the best Mutton Korma Recipes in Hindi is brought to you to impress your guests with an experience they will cherish for long. Followed with a list of all the required ingredients accompaniedby the images of every step, we bring you the best Mutton Korma Hindi Recipes in easy to understand and follow steps. This forms the gist of our all the non veg Recipes in Hindi and will take minimum time to be prepared in order to enable you to enjoy your meal with your loved ones.
Mutton Rogan Josh.

Mutton Rogan josh is a famous Kashmiri dish that has now spread its wings to many parts of India due to its amazing flavor. It is served as a main dish throughout India and it serves 4 people at most.  The name of it is derived from red Kashmiri chilies and it literally means red lamb. The preparation time for this dish is 16-20 minutes with an additional cooking time of 1.30-2 hours.  The level of cooking for mutton is medium as the longer time it takes for cooking the tastier it is endured.  Traditional Kashmiri Rogan josh has a thin gravy and a thick layer of oil on the top. The dish is best served with steaming hot boiled rice.  The quality plays an important role in this dish and you must select meat with a lot of fat.

The omelette is a cuisine which is made from beaten eggs which are cooked with butter and oil in a frying pan. Usually, omelettes are folded around a filling such as cheese,bacon,vegetables and meat. The largest omelette in the world was made with 160,000 eggs in Yokohama, Japan. The main ingredients in an omelette are eggs,butter and oil. The ingredients are enough to make a delicious recipe in Hindi. An average omelette contains 154 calories. It is a super tasty breakfast and that too in no time. You can also use freshly ground black pepper, and a handful of cheddar cheese to make it taste better.
Prawns Masala.

Prawns are one of the much loved dishes eaten with great enthusiasm in India. In Hindi, they are known as jhinga and are usually eaten with salad and dal. Presenting you a great combination, this biryani recipe in Hindi will give you an interesting way to serve prawns masala with biryani, which will be a completely different and amazing experience altogether. Provided with easy steps, the given biryani recipe in Hindi will make it much easier for you to learn the making of the delicious dish with prawns. You can also get a look at comments to get an idea of the satisfaction the users had with our recipe, and can read their experiences. With the steps, images are provided to help you understand and know whether you’re doing it the right way or not. There are other remarks too which would prove beneficial for you in knowing the biryani recipe in Hindi and its efficiency.