Top 15 street foods of Mumbai.

If the high headed Delhi wallas call themselves Dillwallas , then let’s make it straight before we present our curated list of 15 street food of Mumbai, who doesn’t know of the Dabbawallas. Most of the Mumbaikers survive on the Dabbas and that’s what they have for lunch. Heres a quick guide for you on what all street food you should have while in Mumbai.


1. Nankhatai.

This is a very famous tea time traditional Indian cookies Nankhatai is an eggless Indian cookies which must melts in your mouth and the texture cannot be explained in words. How does naan khatai derives its name thata again a story . Naan is actually a Persian word while Khatai (don’t take it for north indian of hindi of Aam choor powder ), as Khatai is a afgani name word that stands for Biscuit so basically Naan khatai is from the biscuit family. This is a very common street food of Mumbai.

2. Pav Bhaji recipe.

Home Made Pav Bhaji Recipe in Hindi.
Pav Bhaji Recipe in Hindi Photo.

The best thing about Mumbai is they serve pav bhaji  with almost everything. You find the maximum combinations in Mumbai street food is with Pav and all of them are like really very famous street food of Mumbai be it vada pav, missal vada pav, pav baji, pav samosa, pav omelette etc etc. So pav when served with a bhaji ( gravy in a mashed form mainly made of potato), this is a very famous street food in Mumbai. Enjoy it on the Juhu beach till late in the night. With the breese from the sea this one tastes like heaven.


3. Vada Pav recipe.

Original Vada Pav Recipe.
Vada Pav Photo with Gujarati twist.

yet another member from Pav family. Vada pav is a grab-and-go snacks of mumbai. Potato patties mashed with garlic, chillies and coriander are dipped in chickpea flour, fried golden, then laid in “” – a springy white bap that’s well buttered, spread with coriander chutney and sprinkled with garlic and chilli powdermakes this an amazing food, if in Mumbai and you didn’t try this , then undoubtedly you have missed on the great taste of the most famous dish in Mumbai, don’t belive us ask anyone from Mumbai. Half of Mumbai runs on vada pav and is very readily available across the city. Priced at 15- 20 rupees this one is a complete meal. A food lifeline for most of the Mumbaikers this one cant be missed for its great taste. And nothing can match a freshly made vada pav. Though 90 % of the shops generally serve hot vada pav. So have it hot if you really want to feel the crisp of the vada and tangy and spicy chutney that gives this food an amazing taste. here you will get vada pav recipe in hindi.

4. Dabeli recipe.

Kutchi Dabeli Recipe-Indian Fast Food Recipe.
Kutchi Dabeli Recipe Photo.

This one is again from the pav family. The best part about the Mumbai poa is that they are very light. And the fluffiness is just perfect. Since this city consumes endless quantity in a single cases so most of the time you get fresh pav’s only that adds a great taste to anything pav is combined with.Dabeli is a sweeter dish that has peanut and mashed potato as a filling. This can be made spicy but it would always have sweetness loaded in it. And trust us this is must try especially if you have a sweet tooth. Here you will get Dabeli recipe in hindi.

5. Modak.

Modak Photo.

This is again a very famous food from Mumbai. This one is high on demand during the ganesh Chaturthi, one of the biggest festival of Mumbai / Maharashtra, lord ganesha is worshiped over Ganesh Chaturthi and the Modak is like a Prasad to this prayer offerings. It is available across all street during the days of Ganpati (Ganesh Chaturthi till the viserjan time is considered as the Ganpati days ) Modak is a divine sweet that is sold during Ganesh Chaturthi festival which comes mostly during August or September every year.So don’t ask us why you couldn’t find modak on street during Jan. we probably have already answered that for you. So while this is seasonal food on street in Mumbai but this one is definitely a must have food more so when it’s a Prasad also, this is the favorite sweet of lord ganesha and you ll find yourself falling love with it too. don’t believe us try it yourself.

6. Sarvi ke kabab.

Where else would you find mouth watering kabab other then the Mohammed Ali Road. This road is also considered the benchmark for skewered kebabs, which hang from smoking stalls like sizzling curtains. So if you are kabab lover then look no further just head to Sarvi, and believe us they serve the best kababs. Their secret taste is like the “luv shuv de chicken Khurana ” not known but the legacy is attracting the kabab lover in thousands each day. And if have already spoken so much about the very famous street shop serving the best kababs in Mumbai, then we need to tell you the right time to hit this mouth watering street food of Mumbai. “Sham hoti hai jab raat javaan hoti”, kuch aisha hi manjar hota hai Sarvi ke kabab , har taraf swad ki intehan hoti those are few words which we may say to hind you on the time and taste of this dish. So reach this place in the evening before anyone does if you really wanna try your hands on this dish. Else you will get it or not is on the mercy of others. Talking about the ingredients no one knows for sure but there are rumours that this is a well-guarded secret and most probably they mix grinded papaya to the meat to give it that lasting taste. But no one has been able to replicate the taste so far.

7. Panipuri recipe.

famous pani puri recipe.
Pani Puri photo

This is probably one food in India that by far does not have a very hygienic processing as the vendor has to poke his finger in the puri and then emerse the poori in the water everytime to offer that out of the world experience. Though many believe that the taste is all because of the way it is served and that one reason that Pani Poori is best enjoyed on the street itself and self service most hygenic version of this street food is far beyond the taste that a pani poori lover craves for. Don’t trust us ask the people who are into Pani poori Love. So all in all craft is part of the fun for the Pani poori vendors it’s a journey that starts from poking a thumb into a crisp fried sphere, fill it with potato, chickpeas, onion and sprouted lentils, then dunk it into a sweet-and-sour mix of tamarind and jaggery, then a liquid blend of coriander, mint and garam masala. And to watch these customer waiting for the pani poori to hit their paper bowl is a site worth watching. The eagerness in the eyes to gulp it, the promptness in the hand movement to grab it before it hits the bowl is something that is seen across all pani poori lovers. “No one can have just one” was probably the untold story of Pani poori as no one can actually stop at one. Not just that Mumbai pani poori is a different version too, how? Okay so in Mumbai they carry boiled dried peas gravy , and when this is filled in the sphere along with mashed potato and served by emerging in the Pani poori water gives the cold water a hot splush and trust us this hot and cold combination is to die for. Don’t miss on the extra water and extra poori that is being served in the end. Its like a reward and no one can afford to miss it.

8. Bademiya Chicken Tikka Rolls.

If you are a non vegetarian and already started having a feeling tha Mumbai street food is all for vegetarians then here we have this Mumbai famous Chicken tikka rolls from Bademiya.No Mumbaikar seems to have been to Bademiya before 3am – a testament to the late-night allure of its charcoaled, meaty goodness. This is truly a shop on wheels and glorified open-air kitchen and whats more to this street food is the location of this shop. Located just behind the Taj Mahal Hotel this is one place to head to if you are craving for chicken and trust this is a must visit place for your love for non veg and at that kind of location you also get to see the famous Gateway of India and this place is a historic treat for its magnificient English architecture from the station till the building here. and the great pride of the city – Taj Hotel still standing proud after the 26/11. Again if all the above was not enough then this place is also a high street shopping paradise. Waiters in red aprons appear from a cloud of smoke and hand over plastic menus, but the chicken tikka rolls are the best option. Slid off skewers, the meat is wrapped in a steaming roomali roti – as thin and soft as a handkerchief – and topped with strips of fried onion. No sauce required, its juices are enough. Now you can just imagine the glory around this food, so go grab it with an unbelievable experience.

9. Keema Pav.

as we have already announced that the Mumbai hai Pav wallaon ki and akka pav rules the entire city. Nothing can be more satisfying then the keema pav for the keema and non veg lovers.a perfect blend of spices Keema pav is served in a plate of fried minced meat and hunks of bread to mop it up. Most of these places are not women friendly so a cuation given while you are out trying your hands on this mouthwatering keema dish. Again to die for Food from Mumbai.