Top 15 Spiciest Indian Dishes | Best Spiciest Indian Foods.


Top 15 spiciest Indian Dishes.

Having spicy food recipe of India is like living on the wild-side of culinary experience. If you are a spicy food love, all that you need in your food specially curry recipe is those extra spices and everything below that would be very bland for your Palate. So here we present 15 spiciest foods recipe to have in India.We have tried including at least one dish from every region but have not compromised on the spiciness of the Dish. Let’s take you on a fiery taste ride with few curated spicy dishes from this spiced heaven on earth – INDIA.

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Top 15 Spicest Indian Dishes

1. Pira Aallo (yellow potatoes).

let’s start with something for the vegetarians. Either ways there are very few options that are spicy enough to hit this list for the vegetarians. But trust us we will try to offer you some relief by having few exclusive picks for our vegetarian friends serving your fiery side. A quite popular dish in India but does not originated from India but do we care less, if it’s about taste we don’t mind including it in our food culture, That’s exactly what happened with this first on our list dish made of potatoes. We may say it’s a Nepalese version of Indian Dum aallo and if you are thinking aaaahaah that’s not spicy enough then lets clarify its 10 ten times spicier then dum aallo !! Ring a Bell ?. Eat it to believe it.but you can have it without huffing, puffing and running around for some sweet or water. Don’t say we didn’t warned you

2. Phaal.

this dish is on our list for its spicy hot flavour due to chilli peppers as its main ingredient. Though the gravy of this dish is tomato based but the pepper chillies used in the preparation makes it undoubtedly one of the spiciest Indian curry dish. So give in to the spicy temptation and set your taste buds on a hot ride.

3. Laal Maas.

Rajasthan is dominated by vegetarian dishes but Laal Maas is one of the undoubtedly outstanding spicy non vegetarian dish that is a must to have. Now lets unveil where does this dish gets its spicy dose. The dish is red in color not because it’s made of red meat but because of the spicy red chilli known as Mathania (Mathania is from Jodhpur).So we don’t need to claim this dish to be spicy you can imagine that due to the color of the dish that is derived from a chilli….. essshssh we can feel the spice.

4. Chettinad Cussine.

This one is one the spiciest dishes from south, Tamil Nadu. What better to spice up a dish then the freshly grounded spices? Isn’t it. Nothing can match up the flavour and aroma of the freshly grounded Indian spices and that’s makes this stand out as a spiciest dish. These dishes are hot and pungent and are generally served with boiled egg, a must have with Chettinad cusine.So definitely one of the spiciest curries you’ll ever find in India

5. Rista.

if we are talking of the spicy dish then this one is sure to get a place. Rista is fiery lamb meatball dish that is rich in taste. An aromatic curry dish that is prepared in a very special manner using red chili powder, this culinary delight is not easy to make and what sets this apart from the regular red chilli spicy dishes is the use of the fennel seeds as one of the ingredient that offers it a distinct taste, not to say but a must have on the spicy food list.

6. Kozy kari.

KK originates from Kerala and is believed that this is not a native dish of Kerala but is a Jewish dish. But do we really care for the origin if its spicy enough to set our palate on fire with its fiery taste. Yet another chicken dish that has hot fresh green chilli peppers and dried ground red chilli peppers to make it super spicy and that’s how it lands into our list of spicy foods. Absolutely divine! For the spicy food lovers

7. Vindaloo from Goa.

If we are talking of non-vegetarian dishes in context of Spices then we can’t miss on Goa so this pick of ours originates from Goa and is one of the spiciest dishes courtesy heavy use of Vinegar contributed to the Portugal influence on this city. So can be considered as a traditional Portugal dish as well due to use of pork meat.But don’t worry if you don’t eat pork, there are versions of Vindaloo available with chicken or lamb mixed with potatoes. Talking about spices it has you name it and this dish has it. As this recipe uses vinegar marinate therefore its like a pickle it tastes even better as it ages. So our recommendation is get it today and dry it a day latter.

8. Andhra Mutton.

By the end of this list you will be convinced that south indian food is more spicey then any other region. Undoubtedly incredibly spicy, but a very well balanced meal. What makes their dishes more palatable is their combination of food. Most of the spicy dishes are consumed with rice that has a neutralising effect thus it does not impact our system in spite of consumption of such spicy food. And Andhra Mutton is definitely one of them.