Top 15 Most Weird Indian Foods.


15 Most weird Indian Foods.

1. Benami Kheer.

We are not sure where this without a name (benami ) kheer has got its name. But you ll be shocked to know the ingredient of this food. You cant imagine in dreams this weirdest combination, so let’s unveil the main ingredient of this food is Garlic yes its Garlic (eeeeuu !!!!! )., but this kheer does not taste like garlic and we bet you it’s a pure delight!

2. Onion Halwa.

As the name says it the major ingredient of this dish is onion. Onion is cooked so well that it loses all its smell. Now you would say then why it is used in the first place. To your disappointment even we are also wondering and have no answer to this one.

3. Brain fry Curry.

Bheja Fry or brain fry is a curry dish made of Lambs brain. It one of the favourite dish of the people of Hyderabad and Lucknow, though it is also very popular in other parts of the country. So that movie “Bheja Fry ” is named after a dish , strange isn’t it. No but it’s not true, we just made it up.

4. Bhang Pakore.

while worshiping Lord Shiva it’s considered to be very pious to consume Bhang on Shivratri and is generally given the status of Prasad . Bhang is used in a lot of dishes like Bhang ke laddo , thandai etc. Bhang ke pakore is made with the leaves of cannabis is relished on the birthday of lord Shiva called as Shivratri and also around Holi.

5. Chakki ki sabzi.

if we tell you that it’s a jain dish then you can definitely guess that there is no onion or garlic in it. But then let us tell you that it does not even have green veggies as that would amount to killing a living being as plant are considered as living being too so this one is made of gluten and some spices and is eaten in a special Jain month when they are forbidden to eat anything living.

6. Daulat ki Chaat.

Now this one is from the food paradise of Delhi Chandni chowk streets. Very commonly referred to as God’s own street food, it is a very light frothy cream that is made by whisking milk for hours. It is served with a topping of pistachios and mawa. This melt in mouth dish is generally available only in winter mornings as the froth starts melting as the day progresses.

7. Lepchas.

If you are wondering what is lepchas then lets unfold this, it is a dish from Sikkim made of frog legs from the Frog & nightingale , no that’s not true but yes lepchas are frog Legs that are marinated and cooked . if you are making a face then let us tell you in Sikkim Lepchas value is more than gold!.

8. Haldi ka Halwa.

We are actually wondering whether we should place this in weird list or on the health food list. This is generally made in January around Makar sakranti as a traditional dish, As the name suggests it’s made of Haldi (Turmeric ) mixed with gram flour and then is made into a delicious halwa. Now there is a purpose to make this in January in winters as this dish is supposed to fight cold and strengthen immunity since it’s made of Haldi.

9. Khorisa.

This is another recipe from Assam, this is a popular dish that is made out of Bamboo also known ethnic dish widely enjoyed among the natives of north east. The Bamboo shoots are fermented and then it is consumed as raw or pickled for to make Khorisa. This can be had as a side dish or can be used as pickle, but tastes yum.